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Conrad is a New York-based film and stage actor and screenwriter. He is a graduate of the two-year Meisner training program at the William Esper Studio in midtown Manhattan.


Originally from Colorado, he earned a bachelor's and a few years experience as a mechanical engineer before finding his calling in the world of film and stage. 


Conrad also spent much of his youth as a fiercely competitive athlete in wrestling, soccer, rock climbing, acrobatics, and trail running, among others. He plays the piano and sings a decent tenor as well. Additionally, Conrad has built a reputation as a respected writer and speaker in the universal basic income (UBI) space, and is co-creator and producer of the docuseries, Bootstraps.

Conrad is always working on developing screenplays in parallel to honing his craft as an actor. See Reviews & Projects page for more on what's to come. 

5’10”, 175 lbs

Training: William Esper Studio

Location: New York, NY

SAG eligible

2010 - present


2010 - present

TROUBLES                           [LEAD]  Aidan                short film – self-produced


ANNIE                                [LEAD]  Andy                feature film – Lamb’s Grove Productions

LEMON FUDGE                    [LEAD]  Mark                short film – Mangal Murti Films



PUSSYFOOTING                   [LEAD]  Al                    short film – Jessica Paek director


BE THE HUNTER                  [LEAD]  Bobby               short film – Diego Ackley producer


THE WAITING ROOM         [SUPP]  Mark                  web series – White Bamboo Prod

LEAVE MY BODY                [LEAD]  Anthony           short film – Jason Florez director

BREAKING VOWS               [LEAD]  Brandon             short film – Tiana Feghali director

OCCUPY 50TH STREET         [SUPP]   Steve                 short film – Tarun Hansen director 


VITREOUS FLOATERS          [SUPP]  Adam                 Lune de Loup Productions


6 CHARACTERS IN SEARCH…      [SUPP]  Leading Man            Wise Fish Theater Company

A TEXAS TRILOGY                       [SUPP]  Corky                       ReGroup Theatre Company


WAITING FOR LEFTY                  [LEAD]  Miller                      Nuance Theater – John Desotelle

KENNEDY’S CHILDREN                 [LEAD]  Mark                      Steve Barrett – director


FARE GAME                                 [LEAD]  The Fare                  Melissa Farinelli – director

EURIPIDES’ MEDEA                        [SUPP]  Aegeus                      Kerry Logan – director

REST IN PEACE                             [SUPP]  Allen                        (musical rdg)  Mark York – writer, composer, dir.

A GREAT INFIDELITY                   [ENSEMBLE]                        (musical rdg) Doug Brandt – writer, composer, dir.

Training & Workshops

Graduate of William Esper Studio two-year Meisner Training Program – New York, NY 


ACTING TECHNIQUE                                                David Newer

MONOLOGUE                                                           David Newer

ACTING ON CAMERA FOR FILM & TV                     David and Linda Laundra

VOICE & SPEECH                                                       Nancy Mayans, Patricia Fletcher 

DIALECTS                                                                  Nancy Mayans, Patricia Fletcher 

ENERGY TECHNIQUES                                              Nancy Mayans, Patricia Fletcher 

SHAKESPEARE                                                          William Esper, Nancy Mayans

MOVEMENT                                                            Ted Morin, Jules Helm

ADVANCED SCRIPT ANALYSIS                                 M. Z. Ribalow

AUDITION, COLD READING                                       Deb Jackel

MIME & PHYSICAL THEATER                                    Bill Bowers


EXPERIENCE:                                     piano, mechanical engineer, stock trader, writer, activist

COMPETITIVE ATHLETE IN:             wrestling, soccer, rock climbing, cross-country running, rugby

OTHER SPORTS:                                 gymnastics/acrobatics, mixed martial arts, biking, skiing
                                                         snowboarding, swimming, ultimate frisbee, rugby

LANGUAGES:                                    conversational French, basic Italian

DIALECTS:                                         Northern Irish, German, British, Cockney, Russian, Australian,
                                                         New Zealand, Southern, New York, etc...

OTHER:                                             current US passport, driver's license

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